Alain Bernard makes Bubbles!

After starting the series of athletes underwater photos, the idea of ​​being able to continue with great swimmers swimmers keeps going for a few months in my head.

I talk to my friend Jérôme Espla who told me to get in touch with Alain Bernard. I do not believe it, here I’m going to shoot the first man in history to swim 100m in less than 47 seconds !!!

Go to Antibes Swimming Pool for daily training session of Alain, not a cloud, a pool to ourselves, but I very stressed, I would have little time with him, I do not have to make any mistake, what lens will I use? the 16-35? Fisheye? 50mm? … Go, I put on the 16-35, it is always better in the pool, but I keep the 50mm on hand, if we have a few minutes.

Arriving at the pool, I’m very impressed, Alain greets me warmly, he makes me super relax, I have a world champion for myself, he will make sure I am happy with my photos, I can ask him anything I want, I can not believe it!

Usually I used to put myself in a corner to avoid disturbing the athletes and make myself as unobtrusive as possible, there is just the opposite.

He gets in my disposal, we laugh, he makes underwater bubbles, he leaves me plenty of time to change my lenses and do the photo shoot I had not even dreamed!

PS: do not suggest Alain to begin free diving


Alain Bernard 011



Alain Bernard 010



Alain Bernard 09



Alain Bernard 07



Alain Bernard 06



Alain Bernard 04



Alain Bernard 02



Alain Bernard 01





Photos: (c) Alex Voyer January 2016

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