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First clip!

Marianne, December 2017 Judah Warsky asked us to make the video-clip of a song from his last album called “La voiture ivre”. Alex put aside the photo to try the video and I had to beat my apnea records to achieve the following: Fabrice Rolland had the great kindness to welcome us in the photogenic pit Aqua92 and thanks also so… Read more →


I want to do the same job later!

Marianne, July 2017 For a few years now, I have use to go in schools to speak about cetaceans and to increase awareness about captivity for children. I begin by explaining the differences with the shark, then between the dolphins and the whales. There is often a keen and curious pupil who is proud to answer all my questions and who already has impressive knowledge… Read more →


Freedivers/Surfers from the end of the world

Freedivers/Surfers from the end of the world! For several years I look at the magnificent work of photographer of Aïcha Dupoy of Guitard on the social networks. Lately, following the release of his book “the surfers of the end of the world” I wanted to discover the special world of these Britain people who live on the peninsula of Crozon, and… Read more →



Alison in Paris A few months ago, I saw a post on Facebook from  Alison Teal: “Aloha, I am looking for any surfing place in Paris, have you got any plan? ” This is a mission for me! Actually, I’m not good at anything; but to have a plunge and do anything in the waters of Paris, I think I can be… Read more →


Italian Splash Session

For the third time this year, I had the chance to assist the Redbull Cliffdiving series at Polignano A Mare, to shoot photos there, from the water! For 3 days the best high flying divers in the world are in the same place and must perform the most spectacular jumps from a  27 meters platform for men and 22 meters for women.… Read more →


Geometric Splashes

For the second time, I have been accredited to photograph a stop of Redbull Cliff Diving Serie, and it was at La Rochelle, where the world’s top 14 divers jump in the harbor entrance from a height of 27,5meters! The spectacle was even more extraordinary that the diver Gary Hunt has performed to perfection the most technically difficult dive ever… Read more →