The beach’s mysteries

Marianne, July 2017 For all those interested in the marine environment, this article is not going to teach them anything. But for most people who have not overlooked the subject, here is an explanatory article of what you often meet at the seaside without knowing where it comes from! What am I? • marine turtle excrement • green crab nests… Read more →


I want to do the same job later!

Marianne, July 2017 For a few years now, I have use to go in schools to speak about cetaceans and to increase awareness about captivity for children. I begin by explaining the differences with the shark, then between the dolphins and the whales. There is often a keen and curious pupil who is proud to answer all my questions and who already has impressive knowledge… Read more →


Swim with sea lions

  Just back from the Galápagos islands, my experience with sea lions has expanded a bit and I can now share this from various places. Unlike cetaceans, sea lions are much more accessible, no need to look for them for hours, it is around the rocks where they live that the swims are made. Before the Galápagos, I had only paid… Read more →


Walrus Dream!

Alex and Marianne, September 2016 It is years that Alex dreamed about shooting walrus (Odobenus rosmarus) in their natural habitat. This summer, we were sailing from Spitsbergen to Norway on a friend’s ship, it was the right time and the right place to make this dream reality ! After a couple of days sailling, we finally found a huge colony, we had… Read more →

Pm116011 sonde 16

A school of cetology

Marianne, June 2016 TRAINING LEVEL 2 OF RESEARCH GROUP CETACEANS We loved the level 1 which concerned the theoretical part: one week course on the study of cetaceans on the spot, acoustics, evolution and adaptation of these animals … Valuable information given by Alexandre Gannier, ethologist, author of numerous scientific publications and researcher on the spot for 25 years. Awesome.… Read more →


The behavior of cetaceans

Marianne, april 2016   I’m nowhere near to be an expert but in my training (GREC/ Fabienne Delfour / readings) and my sea experience, I learned some particulars about the behavior of cetaceans, these reactions are in most of the time to communicate. Here is a small checklist to read as assumptions and not affirmations because cetaceans are still very… Read more →

caudale dauphin Sataya (c) Alex Voyer

Dolphin’s Nightmare

For the first time, a few month ago, we were offered, to teach a free diving course with dolphins in the Red Sea. At first sight, from a motorboat in a tourist place, this is not my thing, but all the people who swam in Satayah’s lagoon are unanimous: wild dolphins that come to rest daily accepted the presence of man, interactions there are breathtaking.… Read more →