Pools VS Wildswimming


Underground swimming in Paris, from Bastille to République:

Underground swimming in Paris, from Bastille to République:         After having met Jérôme in Morocco last Winter, and having some swim sessions with him several times in the frozen canal, several months ago he showed me photos of a place that would seem to be the grail of the Parisian wild swimmer: the “Canal Saint Martin” underground! The underground part from bastille to… Read more →


Paris Super Wild swimming, the 17th of june 2017

PARIS Super Wild Swimming Version 2.0 PARIS Super Wild Swimming Version 2.0 A week after our adventures in London, this Saturday 17th of June, the buddies are for a big wild swimming day: My friend Jacques Tuset is back with a good idea, it is also the date of the race Open Swim Star (organized by Mr Laurent Neuville who has legally… Read more →


London Wild Swimming

London Wild Swimming   What could be a good plan for a Parisian Wild swimmer when the temperature is getting high,  several months after the ice swimming season? Just trying to organise a wild weekend with my other wild swimmers friends… I got a phone call from my friend Jacques Tuset, a famous french long distance  open-water swimmer, who used… Read more →


Paris Ice-Swimming

               Paris Ice Swimming: The concept of wild-swimming is now well known into the community of Parisian swimmers: competitions in the Canal de l’Ourcq, the success of the informal events shared by the “laboratoire des baignades urbaines et experimentales“, the promises to make the Seine bathable for the Olympic Games in 2024, the projects… Read more →


Sweden Ice Swimming

Sweden Ice Swimming! Last year I discovered ice-swimming, the concept is very simple, get acclimatized throughout the year to be able to swim in cold waters … very cold! This year we were very lucky in Paris, temperatures have dropped all the way through the winter and I can finally train in very cold (<5 ° C) water at the bottom of… Read more →


Synchronized Swimming!

This is a sport that has always intrigued me, through its artistic and sporting codes. Today, after a little visit during a training, I can swear that they are the warriors of the pools, for their swimming and freediving skills!   Photos: Alex Voyer Read more →


Morocco Swim Trek

MOROCCO SWIM TREK Swimming 30k in 4 steps along the moroccan coasts, this is the goal of the 80 athletes who have launched Morocco Swim Trek this year! For its second edition, this is now part of the unavoidable events of open water! Participants split into two categories: with or without swim suit. Even if the idea of wearing a swim… Read more →


Arctic Pool

Wearing a bikini, in august, drinking a mojito, feet in the pool of a luxury hotel, it’s so “dejà-vu” … So we decided to test for you to the world’s northest swimming pool, in the charming village of Barentsburg, Russian former mining town located on the west coast of Spitsbergen in the Arctic Circle! This pool is 100% seawater, 50 centimeters of… Read more →