Drops on the Dome!

Alex, February 2018 A question that comes up very often: What is the technique and the tips not to get any drop on the photos taken on the surface or split Air-water? It is among surf photographers that I found most of my answers, those who spend their time shooting without any drop on their dome. Here is a summary… Read more →


Overcome seasickness

Marianne, January 2018 Seasickness is a real handicap that prevents many people from sailing or, as is the case for me, makes life at sea difficult. I refused to take medication to avoid the side effects of drowsiness because I wanted to stay awake to swim with the animals. And during outings in search of cetaceans, the sea is often… Read more →


Tips for wet photography

Tips for wet Photography If you hope to find any technical advice as how to use the modes of your camera? What is the best housing? best lenses?…What is the optimal iso choose to make a dream shot? You may be very disappointed, I am certainly the worst person  to talk about it, and there are plenty of tutorials and books about that. I… Read more →


Nikonos VS Pixels

First of all what is a NIKONOS? This is mythical,  underwater waterproof film camera, whose first version was developed in 1960 by Jacques-Yves Cousteau and Jean de Wouters. The model I am using is a Nikonos V (5th generation of this device) which has been distributed from 1984 to 2001. The peculiarity is that this device is fully waterproof, and also… Read more →

Whale Watching

Marianne, Février 2016 We now have a little experience regarding whale watching and we want to highlight the reality on the ground. Upon returning from our travels, we enjoy sharing photos of the animals that we met except that behind every picture, there are hours and hours at sea!   It must be said that when looking for cetaceans, most… Read more →


Swimming in cold-water … Why? How?

Alex, February 2016 Three years ago, during a sailing and freediving trip in Antarctica, I discovered the cold waters, and I realized me that after a month my body had accommodates extreme temperatures (for a Parisian living all winter in an apartment heated to 20 °). Since I regularly follows athletes like Lewis Pugh who perform swims in waters whose… Read more →