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Who are we?

Marianne, January 2018 Alex and I are going on a new adventure aboard our Diatomée sailboat with Gilles Rigaud, professional sailor. We are an association called “La route salée” which will try: • to develop artistic projects mainly through photography and video • to collaborate with scientists (plankton harvest, photo-identification, field partner, etc.) • to create partnerships with schools and… Read more →


New project

Marianne, October 2017 It’s been a long time since we’ve published anything even if Alex just did a Red Bull obstacle course in Sweden, a decathlon swim run in Biarritz, Red Bull element in Annecy and 15 days in Guadalupe with the great white sharks, to help the freediver Fred Buyle to score them. But we spent a lot of… Read more →


Galápagos water side

Alex and Marianne, April 2017 About 6 months ago, we discovered a profile on instagram under the name Galápagos Freediving Project, we hasten to get in touch with the person in charge of this project which tries to develop apnea on these islands: Gianna Haro! Gianna grew up in the Galápagos islands and will have her naturalistic guide title from… Read more →


Galápagos land side

Alex and Marianne, april 2017 The Galapagos Islands are oceanic islands: they were never linked to the mainland and originated from a submarine volcano, initially devoid of any organic life. The fauna of the Galápagos has arrived either by air (birds / insects), or by the sea: Swimming (sea lions) By allowing themselves to be carried by the currents (like… Read more →


Smoked Salmon and Sauna with Arthur Guerin

Alex, march 2017   A few months ago, I met Arthur Guerin at the swimming pool, and he explained me that he was on the way to try to break a record of freediving under the ice. Here I am, I do not know how, trying to shoot a few images of this event that will last a week on Lake Sonnanen in Finland! 175 meters to… Read more →

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Polar Surfers

Since I have been interested in water photography, I have always been fascinated by surfing shots, on one hand by the idea of ​​throwing  with a camera in big waves, and on the other hand by the renewal of the creativity of photos! With my attraction for cold waters, I set out to find a way to meet surfers who live… Read more →


Morocco Swim Trek

MOROCCO SWIM TREK Swimming 30k in 4 steps along the moroccan coasts, this is the goal of the 80 athletes who have launched Morocco Swim Trek this year! For its second edition, this is now part of the unavoidable events of open water! Participants split into two categories: with or without swim suit. Even if the idea of wearing a swim… Read more →

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Spitzbergen cetaceans

Marianne, september 2016 As we explain here, we spent a few days in Spitsbergen on a sailboat, then cross the Barents Sea and reach the north of Norway. We improved our practice with the GREC and we were perfectly prepared to collect scientific data on whales that we would meet. When we look for the animals, it is called the… Read more →