First clip!

Marianne, December 2017

Judah Warsky asked us to make the video-clip of a song from his last album called “La voiture ivre”. Alex put aside the photo to try the video and I had to beat my apnea records to achieve the following:

Fabrice Rolland had the great kindness to welcome us in the photogenic pit Aqua92 and thanks also so much to Jérémie Morichon and  Louis Arcelin, who left us the post-production of St Louis featuring Dan Rota who supervised the postproduction with Jean Philippe Mure for the editing and  Sylvain Canaux for grading. Huge thanks to them and congratulations for their work!


For those who are still unaware of the role of the calibrator, it is the one that prevents me from looking too much like Shrek!


“La voiture ivre” is the first excerpt of the third album of Judah Warsky which will come out on January 19, 2018, patience …!
In the meantime, here are the other clips of Judah Warsky, with each having a very special atmosphere !

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