Freedivers/Surfers from the end of the world

Freedivers/Surfers from the end of the world!


For several years I look at the magnificent work of photographer of Aïcha Dupoy of Guitard on the social networks.

Lately, following the release of his book “the surfers of the end of the world” I wanted to discover the special world of these Britain people who live on the peninsula of Crozon, and who get to sea whatever the conditions throughout the year.


I contact Aïcha who offers me a very simple deal: with Marianne, we spend a weekend with them, they make us discover their magnificent peninsula and in exchange we offer them a little initiation to the practice of freediving.

Peninsula of Crozon in Brittany

Capture d’écran 2017-06-28 à 12.16.41

Freediving and surfing are two very complementary activities, and I meet more and more surfers wishing to improve their performance in apnea to apprehend big waves with serenity but also because these 2 activities have relatively similar approaches to the ocean.

The first evening a public swimming pool kindly welcome us for the occasion, we begin with breathing and relaxation exercises, then we go into the water and in a very short time. The girls have all discovered a potential that they did not even imagine!

The next day, in the waves but without the boards, to put into practice the exercises of relaxation in 2 meters waves under the rain in a 10C water.

wild conditions!


First it is a little stress for some of us, then quickly everyone has fun to do body surfing, to pass the waves without any apprehension and to be rolled. I think and I hope above all that this little initiation has strengthened their confidence in a hostile environment, but we have before everything spend a great time together!


I would like to thank Aïcha, Séverine, Lizza and Marie who were perfect  because they survived and especially they all get in the waves without their board in a place with difficult conditions.


It was also a first experience for us, to make a real exchange in these aquatic practices in natural environment. I had already done initiations for swimmers who had enjoyed some tips to optimize their breathing.


I encounter more and more surfers who start freediving session in order to overcome their apprehension of the “big waves”, there is for me an evidence for which all these practices are complementary. Moreover, we have in common our love and respect for nature and the oceans. In freediving as in surfing, it is not really possible to cheat on its performances and the elements will always remain master of our practices.


A huge THANK YOU to Aïcha for its welcome, in the most beautiful cottage of the peninsula and even maybe the world !!! I can only advise you to go for a walk and discover this incredibly quiet and wild place. The funds are superb, transparent water, magnificent hiking, cliffs to climb and sublime waves all year round …

most beautiful cottage of the peninsula

Capture d’écran 2017-06-28 à 12.19.10

Text et photos: Alex Voyer

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