Freediving in Antarctica


Small return on an unforgettable journey, when Gilles Rigaud decided to take 5 free divers to discover Antarctica and where Fred Buyle had the courage to take me as a buddy!



“Going alone, or two, not motorized, without weapons, swim or walk, play, and bow his head in front of a large or a small marine animal or not is the most redeeming thing, noblest and most moving a human can do down here, probably the only one which can change it.

I speak of an encounter in the wild world, or what remains of it, where if he wants the animal could be as dumb as us, not from the bridge a boat or behind glass or a grid.

To me this is the ultimate approach that can still save our species and to share the world. ”

Here is a little gallery to illustrate this word from Gilles:


Text: Gilles Rigaud

Photos: Alex Voyer


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