Morocco Swim Trek



Swimming 30k in 4 steps along the moroccan coasts, this is the goal of the 80 athletes who have launched Morocco Swim Trek this year!

For its second edition, this is now part of the unavoidable events of open water!
Participants split into two categories: with or without swim suit.
Even if the idea of wearing a swim suit in the south of Morocco may seem like a certain luxury, I can assure you that spending more than 4 hours in water at 20C° is really really hard . In addition to the continuous effort provided to move forward, a huge energy must be provided to maintain heat of his body. When you find the water in your swimming pool a little cold, it is usually around 27 °.

For my part, absolutely no feat, I had the chance to participate as an “aquatic” photographer to follow the swimmers all along this event in the water.
Starting line
It all starts with the cameras blocked in customs, I feel to get black-cat hair stuck to my fins…  I recover everything after 24 hours, and I get the Water on the second day for an announced 8km race. On arrival the gps of the swimmers all indicate between 10.5 and 12km, the last 2 km are done against the current, the participants are extenuated, some took almost 5 hours to finish the step, forgotten tendinitis remakes surface, burns, strokes of heat, irritations due to rubbing, the slightest wounds becomes a real punishment … psychologically it is very very hard, but everyone resumes the next day.
Solidarity in the water!
I stay with the Aqualover’s clan. A group of open water swimmers coming from France, managed by   Jacques Tuset, great international figure of open water swim. Everyone is gone, the young Lucie is exhausted, sick but second in the classification of women without any swim suit, the whole clan (Estelle, Victor, and Nicolas ) decides to escort her on the next 2 steps opening the way, so that she can follow them and keep her ranking.
Aqualover’s swimmers always together!
In open-water, everyone disperses very quickly a few hundred meters after the start, so I always swim between the swimmers to try to shoot a portrait to them during their efforts, and I can this solidarity swimming together on the two lasts days, united to make Lucie climb on the second place of the podium!
Much more than a podium, the majority of swimmers came for an exceptional experience: swimming along the desert for 4 days, chain kilometers, under the sun burning in very fresh water, going to the end of their strength. The organization was able to give them the opportunity to live this unique experience safely in a dreaming seascape!

Incredible sea-scape!

I was lucky to be in the water with the athletes from all over the world, to share their efforts from very far, to meet exceptional personalities.  I made me seriously thinking about swimming long distances in leaving my fins!
img_8176low tide
img_8186Evening camp
Jacques Tuset and the organisation: Edith et Renata
A final dedication to the Nabaiji Team who came to test and photograph material, with which I spent this week in colocation!
img_9528Nabaiji swimwear for 2017!

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