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Marianne, October 2017

It’s been a long time since we’ve published anything even if Alex just did a Red Bull obstacle course in Sweden, a decathlon swim run in Biarritz, Red Bull element in Annecy and 15 days in Guadalupe with the great white sharks, to help the freediver Fred Buyle to score them.

But we spent a lot of time looking for the sailing boat of our dreams, which could fit our project idea. And we found it, even beyond our expectations. We embark Friday on our new boat which is in Italy, to bring it in Martinique making a single stopover in Madeira. We will sail with a high level captain: Gilles Rigaud who spent 30 years of his life at sea including 7 expeditions to Antarctica. He’s going to teach us everything.

Our project is to make different expeditions as explained on the site of our association “La route salée“, but also to collaborate with scientists, to make photo and video, to welcome freedivers and to create a partnership with school to educate children about the protection of the oceans.

Our boat is called Diatomée, diatoms are planktonic microscopic algae which, in addition to providing an enormous amount of oxygen, are just magnificent when viewed under a microscope:


I leave you on the site of “La route salée” if you want to know more and we meet on our return in a month where we will already be well experienced for our new life of browsers!

Expecting white shark photos, some pictures taken this summer at Hydra with the magnificent underwater sculptures of Hortense Le Calvez and Mathieu Goussin for Forlane 6 Studio:







Photos: Alex Voyer

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