I want to do the same job later!

Marianne, July 2017 For a few years now, I have use to go in schools to speak about cetaceans and to increase awareness about captivity for children. I begin by explaining the differences with the shark, then between the dolphins and the whales. There is often a keen and curious pupil who is proud to answer all my questions and who already has impressive knowledge… Read more →


Freedivers/Surfers from the end of the world

Freedivers/Surfers from the end of the world! For several years I look at the magnificent work of photographer of Aïcha Dupoy of Guitard on the social networks. Lately, following the release of his book “the surfers of the end of the world” I wanted to discover the special world of these Britain people who live on the peninsula of Crozon, and… Read more →


Paris Super Wild swimming, the 17th of june 2017

PARIS Super Wild Swimming Version 2.0 PARIS Super Wild Swimming Version 2.0 A week after our adventures in London, this Saturday 17th of June, the buddies are for a big wild swimming day: My friend Jacques Tuset is back with a good idea, it is also the date of the race Open Swim Star (organized by Mr Laurent Neuville who has legally… Read more →


London Wild Swimming

London Wild Swimming   What could be a good plan for a Parisian Wild swimmer when the temperature is getting high,  several months after the ice swimming season? Just trying to organise a wild weekend with my other wild swimmers friends… I got a phone call from my friend Jacques Tuset, a famous french long distance  open-water swimmer, who used… Read more →


Swim with sea lions

  Just back from the Galápagos islands, my experience with sea lions has expanded a bit and I can now share this from various places. Unlike cetaceans, sea lions are much more accessible, no need to look for them for hours, it is around the rocks where they live that the swims are made. Before the Galápagos, I had only paid… Read more →


Galápagos water side

Alex and Marianne, April 2017 About 6 months ago, we discovered a profile on instagram under the name Galápagos Freediving Project, we hasten to get in touch with the person in charge of this project which tries to develop apnea on these islands: Gianna Haro! Gianna grew up in the Galápagos islands and will have her naturalistic guide title from… Read more →


Galápagos land side

Alex and Marianne, april 2017 The Galapagos Islands are oceanic islands: they were never linked to the mainland and originated from a submarine volcano, initially devoid of any organic life. The fauna of the Galápagos has arrived either by air (birds / insects), or by the sea: Swimming (sea lions) By allowing themselves to be carried by the currents (like… Read more →