Paris Super Wild swimming, the 17th of june 2017

PARIS Super Wild Swimming Version 2.0

PARIS Super Wild Swimming Version 2.0

A week after our adventures in London, this Saturday 17th of June, the buddies are for a big wild swimming day:

My friend Jacques Tuset is back with a good idea, it is also the date of the race Open Swim Star (organized by Mr Laurent Neuville who has legally worked for years to make Paris again bathable), and The Tribe of Paris Wild Swimmers always ok for an swim at sunset on our favorite spot in the park de La Villette!

Wake up at  4:30am to join Jacques at 5:15am on the”ile de la cité”, who wants to try a new prison escape swim in the center of Paris, always to raise awareness of this rare disease : Choroideremia. A week after the Tower of London, we are ready to swim under the Conciergerie!

La Conciergerie…


The ritual is now always the same, go very early before awakening any suspicion, a big thanks to Sophie (Wonder Wild Swimmeuse from Paris) who came to give us a hand, to watch and follow us with our dry clothe to the exit.

the Escape!


The water is warm, relatively clear (+/- 2 meters of visibility), no current, it changes from the Thames River, the swim was so quiet that we decide to all go back to the water behind the church of Notre Dame to make some souvenirs photos of this beautiful and memorable morning expedition.

Jacques et Sophie behind Notre Dame


Little nap, then it is time to go through the 5k of the Open Swim Star race, the only open water swimming competition in Paris!

Open Swim Star


We are 500 on the starting line, I am too slow to qualify for any ranking, so I take the opportunity to make some pictures before the start, when suddenly the whistle sounds and a flock of 499 swimmers literally pass over me.

Start from Pantin


I take my time, find my mind and my breath, meet a friend on the bank who can take my camera  until the arrival and I also leave a few minutes after the official departure, I go quietly. Everything happens pretty well and I finish the 5k in 1hour 40minutes, which was what I hoped to do, so happy!

But it is almost 8 pm when I get out of the water, and I am super late for the rendez-vous I gave for the aperitif, a few hundreds meters away.

My friends…


I dart by bike, and the buddies are there sipping their warm rosé wine, happy that I come  with new bottles out of the fridge! Not easy to go unnoticed with the new canal icon: a giant inflatable unicorn! We stay there until no time to wade, to laugh, to discuss and to redo the world … I go to bed very happy and rehydrated at about the same time that I woke the day before.

Paris super wild Swimming!


Once again, be careful, swimming is prohibited and potentially dangerous in Paris, if you decide to do it, avoid jumping from any bridges or even banks in the canals or the Seine river, there could be objects flush with the surface. I can not imagine what the impact of a 5 meter dive would make on an old washing machine or a rusty moped … but I assure you that nothing beats bathing at the bottom of the house In the middle of Paris!

Text and photos: Alex Voyer

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