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Who are we?

Marianne, January 2018 Alex and I are going on a new adventure aboard our Diatomée sailboat with Gilles Rigaud, professional sailor. We are an association called “La route salée” which will try: • to develop artistic projects mainly through photography and video • to collaborate with scientists (plankton harvest, photo-identification, field partner, etc.) • to create partnerships with schools and… Read more →


New project

Marianne, October 2017 It’s been a long time since we’ve published anything even if Alex just did a Red Bull obstacle course in Sweden, a decathlon swim run in Biarritz, Red Bull element in Annecy and 15 days in Guadalupe with the great white sharks, to help the freediver Fred Buyle to score them. But we spent a lot of… Read more →


Freediving in Antarctica

  Small return on an unforgettable journey, when Gilles Rigaud decided to take 5 free divers to discover Antarctica and where Fred Buyle had the courage to take me as a buddy!   “Going alone, or two, not motorized, without weapons, swim or walk, play, and bow his head in front of a large or a small marine animal or not is… Read more →