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Drops on the Dome!

Alex, February 2018 A question that comes up very often: What is the technique and the tips not to get any drop on the photos taken on the surface or split Air-water? It is among surf photographers that I found most of my answers, those who spend their time shooting without any drop on their dome. Here is a summary… Read more →


Synchronized Swimming!

This is a sport that has always intrigued me, through its artistic and sporting codes. Today, after a little visit during a training, I can swear that they are the warriors of the pools, for their swimming and freediving skills!   Photos: Alex Voyer Read more →


Italian Splash Session

For the third time this year, I had the chance to assist the Redbull Cliffdiving series at Polignano A Mare, to shoot photos there, from the water! For 3 days the best high flying divers in the world are in the same place and must perform the most spectacular jumps from a  27 meters platform for men and 22 meters for women.… Read more →


Arctic Pool

Wearing a bikini, in august, drinking a mojito, feet in the pool of a luxury hotel, it’s so “dejà-vu” … So we decided to test for you to the world’s northest swimming pool, in the charming village of Barentsburg, Russian former mining town located on the west coast of Spitsbergen in the Arctic Circle! This pool is 100% seawater, 50 centimeters of… Read more →


Miami pool

Marianne, April 2016 It has been a while since we spoke about chlorine (an endocrinal troublemaker it seems….) Fortunately we have some photos of our dips for you, from pools in Miami.           The Raleigh Hotel’s pool and The National Hotel’s pool (205 feet long!) are the stars of the article   The pool with portholes… Read more →

Sri Lanka Pool

      There’s no talk, just a few photos of Alex well inspired by the photogenic landscape …                 These photos were taken at Imagine Villa Hotel and Malima Weligambay Villas, Mirissa in southern Sri Lanka.   Marianne, February 2016 Read more →



Alex, February 2016 For years I am fascinated by the divers and I have always wondered what was going on impact of their bodies underwater. The French Diving Team allowed me to follow them for a year where I try to capture these moments so stealthy. A big Thank you to these athletes for accepting me as part of their… Read more →