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Drops on the Dome!

Alex, February 2018 A question that comes up very often: What is the technique and the tips not to get any drop on the photos taken on the surface or split Air-water? It is among surf photographers that I found most of my answers, those who spend their time shooting without any drop on their dome. Here is a summary… Read more →

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Who are we?

Marianne, January 2018 Alex and I are going on a new adventure aboard our Diatomée sailboat with Gilles Rigaud, professional sailor. We are an association called “La route salée” which will try: • to develop artistic projects mainly through photography and video • to collaborate with scientists (plankton harvest, photo-identification, field partner, etc.) • to create partnerships with schools and… Read more →


London Wild Swimming

London Wild Swimming   What could be a good plan for a Parisian Wild swimmer when the temperature is getting high,  several months after the ice swimming season? Just trying to organise a wild weekend with my other wild swimmers friends… I got a phone call from my friend Jacques Tuset, a famous french long distance  open-water swimmer, who used… Read more →

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Polar Surfers

Since I have been interested in water photography, I have always been fascinated by surfing shots, on one hand by the idea of ​​throwing  with a camera in big waves, and on the other hand by the renewal of the creativity of photos! With my attraction for cold waters, I set out to find a way to meet surfers who live… Read more →


Synchronized Swimming!

This is a sport that has always intrigued me, through its artistic and sporting codes. Today, after a little visit during a training, I can swear that they are the warriors of the pools, for their swimming and freediving skills!   Photos: Alex Voyer Read more →


Tips for wet photography

Tips for wet Photography If you hope to find any technical advice as how to use the modes of your camera? What is the best housing? best lenses?…What is the optimal iso choose to make a dream shot? You may be very disappointed, I am certainly the worst person  to talk about it, and there are plenty of tutorials and books about that. I… Read more →



Alison in Paris A few months ago, I saw a post on Facebook from  Alison Teal: “Aloha, I am looking for any surfing place in Paris, have you got any plan? ” This is a mission for me! Actually, I’m not good at anything; but to have a plunge and do anything in the waters of Paris, I think I can be… Read more →


Italian Splash Session

For the third time this year, I had the chance to assist the Redbull Cliffdiving series at Polignano A Mare, to shoot photos there, from the water! For 3 days the best high flying divers in the world are in the same place and must perform the most spectacular jumps from a  27 meters platform for men and 22 meters for women.… Read more →