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Drops on the Dome!

Alex, February 2018 A question that comes up very often: What is the technique and the tips not to get any drop on the photos taken on the surface or split Air-water? It is among surf photographers that I found most of my answers, those who spend their time shooting without any drop on their dome. Here is a summary… Read more →


Underground swimming in Paris, from Bastille to République:

Underground swimming in Paris, from Bastille to République:         After having met Jérôme in Morocco last Winter, and having some swim sessions with him several times in the frozen canal, several months ago he showed me photos of a place that would seem to be the grail of the Parisian wild swimmer: the “Canal Saint Martin” underground! The underground part from bastille to… Read more →


Synchronized Swimming!

This is a sport that has always intrigued me, through its artistic and sporting codes. Today, after a little visit during a training, I can swear that they are the warriors of the pools, for their swimming and freediving skills!   Photos: Alex Voyer Read more →

Alain Bernard 010

Alain Bernard makes Bubbles!

After starting the series of athletes underwater photos, the idea of ​​being able to continue with great swimmers swimmers keeps going for a few months in my head. I talk to my friend Jérôme Espla who told me to get in touch with Alain Bernard. I do not believe it, here I’m going to shoot the first man in history to swim… Read more →

Baleine Reunion 02 (c) Alex Voyer

Looking for Humpback Whales

This year we were given every chance to observe Humpback Whales in the best possible conditions, we had to find a place where It was pretty certain to see the meadows and with few tourists. It is in the Indian Ocean that our choice was finalized, right during the period of reproduction and mating. These animals migrate indeed cold Antarctic… Read more →

caudale dauphin Sataya (c) Alex Voyer

Dolphin’s Nightmare

For the first time, a few month ago, we were offered, to teach a free diving course with dolphins in the Red Sea. At first sight, from a motorboat in a tourist place, this is not my thing, but all the people who swam in Satayah’s lagoon are unanimous: wild dolphins that come to rest daily accepted the presence of man, interactions there are breathtaking.… Read more →