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Drops on the Dome!

Alex, February 2018 A question that comes up very often: What is the technique and the tips not to get any drop on the photos taken on the surface or split Air-water? It is among surf photographers that I found most of my answers, those who spend their time shooting without any drop on their dome. Here is a summary… Read more →


Underground swimming in Paris, from Bastille to République:

Underground swimming in Paris, from Bastille to République:         After having met Jérôme in Morocco last Winter, and having some swim sessions with him several times in the frozen canal, several months ago he showed me photos of a place that would seem to be the grail of the Parisian wild swimmer: the “Canal Saint Martin” underground! The underground part from bastille to… Read more →


Paris Super Wild swimming, the 17th of june 2017

PARIS Super Wild Swimming Version 2.0 PARIS Super Wild Swimming Version 2.0 A week after our adventures in London, this Saturday 17th of June, the buddies are for a big wild swimming day: My friend Jacques Tuset is back with a good idea, it is also the date of the race Open Swim Star (organized by Mr Laurent Neuville who has legally… Read more →


London Wild Swimming

London Wild Swimming   What could be a good plan for a Parisian Wild swimmer when the temperature is getting high,  several months after the ice swimming season? Just trying to organise a wild weekend with my other wild swimmers friends… I got a phone call from my friend Jacques Tuset, a famous french long distance  open-water swimmer, who used… Read more →


Corsica swimming trip

Marianne, March 2016   In August 2012, with some friends we spent five days to the Agriates Desert to swim from “l’île Rousse” to  “Saint Florent”. The idea was to swim, carrying our food and sleeping on beaches … Binging our food? But how? For Alex, nothing is impossible, everything is very simple. He bought waterproof bags, buoys and straps: what transport swimming… Read more →


Paris Wild-Simming?

Paris Wild-Swimming ? When you are Parisian, you love swimming but it is very difficult for you to go to the municipal swimming pools, how to get out? The solution is very simple: bathing in the Seine and canals!     Actually, no, it’s not so simple, because it is asolutly forbidden to swim in Paris, and you risk to have… Read more →


Swimming in cold-water … Why? How?

Alex, February 2016 Three years ago, during a sailing and freediving trip in Antarctica, I discovered the cold waters, and I realized me that after a month my body had accommodates extreme temperatures (for a Parisian living all winter in an apartment heated to 20 °). Since I regularly follows athletes like Lewis Pugh who perform swims in waters whose… Read more →

Blue Whale 03 (c) Alex voyer

Blue Whale of Sri Lanka

One of our wildest and most inaccessible dreams was to swim alongside the blue whale. By chance, Alex makes contact with a Sri Lankan, head of the tourism agency “Cross Country Travels Sri Lanka”, which would use one of his sperm whale pictures. We ask him about cetaceans in Sri Lanka and he strongly motivates us to come because the animals are… Read more →

Baleine Reunion 02 (c) Alex Voyer

Looking for Humpback Whales

This year we were given every chance to observe Humpback Whales in the best possible conditions, we had to find a place where It was pretty certain to see the meadows and with few tourists. It is in the Indian Ocean that our choice was finalized, right during the period of reproduction and mating. These animals migrate indeed cold Antarctic… Read more →